• Full brake inspection*
(Ensures brakes are ready for travel)
• Rotate tires *
(Prolongs tire life)
• Battery/charging system test *
(Ensure safe starting and charging operation)
• Engine cooling system pressure test and inspection
(Pressure engine cooling system for leaks)
• 27 Point safety inspection
(Record finding & recommendations, top off basic fluids,
clean headlamps and outside of windshield)
• Lube Oil and Filter Service*
(Routine maintenance helps prolong engine life)
+ Taxes, Enviro fees
($112.94 savings)
* Up to 5 quarts of 5w30 semi synthetic oil and a standard filter
* Staggered fitment vehicles excluded, dually’s will require additional fees
* Vehicles requiring full synthetic and or non standard filter will
have additional charges
* Diesel vehicles will have additional charges
* Tpms programming not included if needed with rotation of tires
$30.00 off a complete timing belt replacement