Fuel prices of yesteryear

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It always amazes me how many comments we get about the gas pump in the corner of our waiting room. Customers generally comment about its age and overall conditon, but most of all, the price that is displayed $.24 per gallon!  I certainly do not remember those  prices.  If you look at the pump when you come in you will notice that there is only 3 spaces on the price indicator.  That is two for numerals and one for the 9/10’s indicator.  I guess they never fiqured the prices would be over the $.99 mark!  We here at Benchmark Automotive all understand how “painful” it is at the pump these days and that is why we offer many services to help your vehicle obtain the best mileage possible.  Feel free to ask us about our “Fuel Maximizer” service the next time you come in for service. We would love to offer our suggestions for increased fuel mileage to help maximize your savings!

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